Mischief Managed: the Harry Potter Retrospective.

Ten years of magic, months in the making, 13 minutes of non-stop Harry Potter. A must-see for fans!

*** I cannot believe I missed this! Twas great seeing everything in one go. Wow, Harry Potter. Sometimes I still wish the series wasn’t over. Awesome job, Kees. This compilation had better editing that than the films had. For the earlier films at least. Just the perfect cheesiness for the sap in me. :D


Happy Apocalypse.

*** I’m reminded every time I watch Kees’ cinema series of how much I love watching films, and how I’m grateful because I know I’m on my way to making them. Pushing it some more. Some day all my film dreams will come true! Thank you Kees for awesome editing work all these years! Wish you weren’t going to stop, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. Cheers to you, sir! And cheers to cinema!

This and That

This used to be my profile picture for everything. This was its title: Macho Macho Mon.


This was taken in a costume party Austria (I think) after high school. That moustache I sport was drawn using an eyeliner. This was the best costume I could think of at the time since I only had one luggage to find clothes from. That anchor tattoo, also drawn using an eyeliner, was probably a telling sign that one day I will have a ship tattoo. (What?) That hat is a prized possession and was bought from a Greek fishing market. (Where is it though?)

This rediscovered photo makes me smile. This shows the purest of the purest me I think, the basic of the basic Mon. (What?) Hmm. Sadly, this is but a memory. 

Maxinne sleeps

Yesterday was Muntinlupa Day. My little sister got to sleep in. I liked what I saw.

Baby girl—not so baby anymore. I can’t believe you’re off to college next school year. I can’t wait for you to experience the world beyond the southern suburbs we grew up in. I’m so excited for you. Also, I can’t begin to measure the insane amount of jealousy I have of you getting to sleep in.

Oh well. Sleep, baby girl. You’re going to need all the rest.